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One Friday morning in early May, Kristie Tidwell is in her garage loading bags into her SUV for a weekend trip to Nashville when she hears her telephone ring. It’s 8:00 am and who would be calling her at 8:00 am on her landline except a telemarketer? So Kristie finishes loading her bags and walks into the house to hear the last part of a message that is being left for her by someone in her high school graduating class, informing her that it’s class reunion time. The caller subsequently gives her the reunion details and the address of a website that she can visit for additional information.

Forget that, thinks Kristie, I didn’t like those people then and I doubt I would like them now. Kristie had not been back to Wentworth High School since the day she graduated. Furthermore, she had kept up with practically no one that she went to high school with. Never-the-less, as soon as she got to work, Kristie visited the class reunion website and viewed then and now pictures of many classmates along with information and descriptions of what their lives had been like since high school days.

As much as she tried, Kristie could not get the upcoming reunion off of her mind. After about a week, she decides that it’s now or never for returning. While she could stand to shed a few pounds, Kristie’s good looks were still intact and her SUV, while not exactly new, wasn’t an embarrassment. It was settled, Kristie would attend her class reunion.

Kristie had a wonderful time at her reunion and while she tried to speak to everyone in attendance, she sat by and did most of her talking to Eric Channing who had a home in west Wentworth County. Eric was single and one of the best looking guys in the class. He played every sport and dated a pretty girl who was a year behind them.

As one might guess, Kristie and Eric started seeing each other socially. However, their relationship was far from idyllic. While Kristie, along with the rest of her classmates, had vowed to put her petty juvenile issues aside and go forward, she could not accept many of Eric’s Wentworth friends, particularly Wiley Martin, a classmate of theirs who had tormented Kristie about her weight when they were growing up.

Like most women, Kristie wanted a husband and felt that Eric would be the last chance that she would have to get married. Eric, on the other hand, had experienced problems with women and had spent much of his adult life alone and liked it.

In writing “Best and Worst,” it is my desire to take the reader through a myriad of emotions, making it difficult to choose sides. They say that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and both Kristie and Eric experienced difficulties that strengthened them as they journeyed through life on this earth.

Will my female readers see some of Kristie in themselves and will my male readers see some of Eric in them? I’m anxious to find out.

The book is now available for purchase as a paperback and as a Kindle download.
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Sunsets is a sequel to FBAW. While everything in BFAW is believable and could easily happen, I’m going to push the envelope a little with Sunsets. That funeral scene I said I had written; I’ve decided who I was going to kill off and have done so. You will just have to wait for the book to come out to see who it is. In FBAW, main character Kristie doesn’t throw hissy fits, but in Sunsets, there will be nasty little scenes. I’ve finished writing the story and in the process of editing. I have a lot of work to do, but hope to have the book available for Christmas shopping.


In spite of being exhausted, Kristie slept fitfully and woke up with a pounding headache on this Friday morning. What a nightmare the last two days had been. Two days ago, on Wednesday, she had been in a good mood, returning from Nashville where her opinion segment went very well. Then she had the bright idea of stopping at the Coach, Wentworth’s famous restaurant for dinner. It had all gone down from there.

After taking some Advil, Kristie padded off to her home office and checked a couple of her blogs and social media sites. As she was checking her personal email account, she noticed an email from a recruiter. There was a software engineering job in the Birmingham area and the recruiter thought Kristie would be a good fit. The job required certain computer skills, management experience, and business analyst experience. Kristie met the requirements.

Should she pursue this job? She was doing well as a news analyst and the thought of going back into IT made her nauseous. Kristie replied to the headhunter that she wasn’t interested at the moment, but that could change in a heartbeat, so she asked that the recruiter not forget about her.

Then Kristie remembered the marijuana she found on her doorstep yesterday. What was going to become of that? She had done the only thing she could do and that was call the police and turn it over to them. But what if the person that package was meant for came after her.

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