Marie’s Team

Number One on my team is my Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Without him, I am nothing and what I do is nothing. He sat me down in my home office on January 7, 2014 where for no good reason, I started writing “For Best and Worst.” I owe everything to him. Like everyone else, I’ve had good times and bad times throughout my life and as Christians, we’re not promised a life without pain, strife, and suffering. But he really has kept mine to minimum, something which I don’t deserve. And guess what? He’s on your team also, whether you know it or not. He’d love for you to talk to him because he really wants to talk to you and be a part of your life.

myrtle1I was very excited when longtime friend, Myrtle Jones, joined my team as my Personal Assistant. Myrtle, a graduate of Parker High School, has lived in Birmingham all of her life. She had a very distinguished career with the United States Postal service and is a prominent member of the New Birth Church. Myrtle and her husband, Thomas, live in the Oxmoor Ridge area of Birmingham. I first met Myrtle when she and I were neighbors at a Homewood apartment complex in the 1980s, and we have been close friends ever since. I’m looking forward to sharing many more great experiences with Myrtle.




Twister_websiteAnd what team could be complete without a mascot? Sorry, Big Al, this time it’s not you. Having lived with me for ten years, Twister has been with me through good times and bad. While he can be a pest and get in the way, I’ve grown used to having him with me when I’m working in my home office. Those of you who are cat lovers know they tend to park themselves where they can be the most annoying and in the way and Twister is no exception. In this picture, he’s smiling because he continues to outsmart me. And yes, that’s a “Bear Bryant” bobble-head doll.



In addition to the above, I want to acknowledge all of my friends and family who have encouraged me on this adventure. Everyone has been encouraging; although I do imagine some folks have laughed at me behind my back…”just who does she think she is and what in the world does she think she doing?” Sometimes I think the same thing.

I don’t know what Mama and Daddy are thinking now. “Has she lost her mind? Here, we thought we raised a child with some sense and now look at what she’s doing?” I’ll see them one fine day, though, and they will certainly tell me what they think.

I’m looking forward to being guided by my Lord and Savior, to working with Myrtle, and to being constantly monitored by Twister who has learned to click a mouse.