Marie’s Role Models

During the years that Marie was a software engineer for a relatively large Birmingham company, her free time, what little she had, was spent reading light fiction, mostly about the South. The authors she read provided her a much needed respite from the high tech environment and the sometimes obnoxious geeks that she had to interact with on a daily basis.

Thus, when Marie had the chance, she split from that world and decided to enter the more laid back world, a world where everyone enjoyed good food and drink while sitting on the porch or back deck in swings, rocking chairs, and chaise lounges. The works from the authors Marie lists below inspired Marie to say to herself, I can do that. What’s wrong with having another southern author, another good beach read, or another novel that helps those still living in the stress-filled world escape, at least, for a little while. To these ladies, thank you, thank you, thank you!