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We Love Homewood Day

I’m a new author, having been writing for a little less than three years. I began my first novel in January of 2014 and published it in February of 2015. The debut novel is entitled, “For Best and Worst.” It’s a southern contemporary romance set mostly in the state of Alabama, my home state, and centers on a small north Alabama town called Wentworth. Other locations in the book include, Key West, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana, Nashville, Tennessee, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama, and the Alabama Gulf Coast.

The protagonists, Kristie Tidwell and Eric Channing start a relationship after re-uniting for a high school reunion, even though they hung out in different crowds while in high school. The book is full of twists and turns, laughter and tears. Included in the novel is backstory outlining each character’s journey through high school, college, and adulthood, up until the beginning of their relationship. I am currently editing the sequel, “Sunsets of Fire and Ice.”

I never thought of myself as much of a writer until I was asked to be a part of my company newsletter staff. A fellow staff member said to me one day, “You really write well.” After than, a few other people told me the same thing. I really didn’t believe it, though. However, my careers in insurance claims and information technology required me to extensively document and write reports.

Because my jobs required me to read difficult material, I would read light fiction, particularly southern romance. As I read novels by Mary Kay Andrews, Dorothy Benton Frank, Cassandra King, and Lisa Patton, I thought to myself, I can do this. So, I did.

In preparing “For Best and Worst,” I made a lot of mistakes and still make mistakes. Because FBAW is a romance, most men aren’t going to like it. But women who have read it and the few men who have read it also, tell me that they can’t put it down. Thus, I have to get the book into the hands of more people and get them to read it.

I hope to blog often and share with my readers my ups and downs as I pursue my writing career. I also hope I can offer some tips for new writers, and maybe for some seasoned writers. I also want to write about publishing and marketing. We independent authors need all the marketing help that we can get.

Until next time, keep smiling and keep writing. Never give up. A quitter never wins and a winner never quits. (the late Paul William Bryant, former head football coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide)

Love y’all!

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