Come Monday Morning

We Love Homewood Day

“Come Monday” is a song by singer/songwriter, Jimmy Buffett about a new start on Monday. Many folks don’t like Mondays because it’s the end of the weekend and they have to get their minds and bodies “right” to start a new work week.

Since I own my own business and weekends mean very little except Alabama football games on Saturday and church on Sunday, I look forward to Mondays. Mondays are a chance to start a new week in hopes of accomplishing certain goals and moving toward the accomplishment of other goals.

With respect to my fiction writing, my goals for the week include finishing the reading of another contemporary romance novel by a Mississippi writer whose writing is similar to mine, and finishing up the fourth round of editing on my next novel, “Sunsets of Fire and Ice.” Here’s an excerpt.

“When he arrived at his place, he called Jimmy, who answered his phone immediately. Eric told Jimmy about the party at Jeff and Alice’s and asked if he and Ruthie would like to go. Jimmy remembered Jeff, who was a senior when he was a freshman, and said he would like to go and thought Ruthie would like to go also. He told Eric that would drive and pick him up at his place at 1:15.

As his coffee brewed, Eric wondered how he was going to break it to Kristie that he was going to a party that she specifically wasn’t invited to. Since they had spent the night together, was she thinking he was going to spend all day with her? Well, he did tell her last night that he wanted to start a relationship and see where it went. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but was the instant fun worth the lie; or was it a lie?”

Isn’t Eric a “typical man” and Kristie a “typical woman in love?” “Sunsets” is a sequel to “For Best and Worst,” continuing the twists and turns of the romance between two people who hung out in different crowds in high school, but later in life, fell in love.

Monday morning is almost over, so I’m going to scoot. Visit often for progress updates on “Sunsets.”

Love y’all!