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Hi, I’m Marie Nicole Harper, just another southern author who thinks that she has a story to tell. My novels, “For Best and Worst” and “Sunsets of Fire and Ice are “true stories that I made up.” But I can’t take credit for that phrase. The credit goes to my good friend, Mr. Mac McAnally, CMA Musician of the Year eight times in a row. But it pretty much fits, so I’m going to borrow it from Mac and hope he doesn’t mind.

“FBAW and “Sunsets” are now available for purchase as paperbacks and Kindle downloads from Amazon. Purchase Marie’s Novels.

I got the idea to write southern contemporary romance novels after reading the books written by some of my favorites, Mary Kay Andrews, Dorothy Benton Frank, Cassandra King, Joslyn Jackson, and others.

In “For Best and Worst,” the main character, Kristie Tidwell, does not throw “hissy fits,” nor does she show her posterior. Kristie is just another girl raised in the south who strives to live her life in the manner that her World War II generation parents taught her. She strays at times, but she never loses sight of her first priority in life, God. Nor does she lose sight of her fourth priority in life, Alabama football.

The other main character, Eric, is a guy raised in the south who struggles with his man thoughts and his sense of honor as a southern gentleman. Eric often finds himself conflicted between his desires and his responsibilities. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but often caves into his own desires and inflicts hurt on the ones he loves the most.

“Sunsets of Fire and Ice” is a sequel to “For Best and Worst,” but there is enough back story in “Sunsets” that you can read it easily. In “Sunsets,” Eric and Kristie continue with their lives. Kristie pursues a career where she has the potential to become “rich and famous,” while Eric rekindles a romance with his high school sweetheart, Rita McDonald Fisher, now a wealthy, newly widowed Long Island socialite. One night, while alone in New York City, Kristie contemplates the unfathomable. With Eric in love with Rita, and Kristie seeking fame and fortune, is it possible that these two could once again come together?

I guess I’m a writer now.

Now that I’ve completed work on my second novel, I’m planning a third novel entitled “Meandering the Eastern Shore,” set in the lovely Alabama town of Fairhope. So, check the site and my blog for updates on progress Also, visit other pages on this site for information and stuff you might like.